Henry Plotnick: Field 5

2014, 6 minutes

In the past couple of years it has been really exciting to see my son, Henry, come into his own as a musician and an artist. As a musician he has been making music under the spell of the the electronic, minimalist masters. He released an album called Fields on the Holy Mountain label earlier in the year. It's been garnering some nice praise. He also loves shooting video. He is fascinated by looping, repetitive structures in the video realm, which serve as a nice compliment to his music. We put this video together for a track of his called Field 5. It's abstract, minimal and trippy. He shot it all and I edited the piece. It's always fun undertaking projects with you son. Enjoy.

You can download from iTunes, but perhaps you might be interested in ordering a cd or vinyl (clear frosted) directly from the label here.

Also, you can check out a live performance from him at the venerable Other Cinema here.