The Day After Halloween - by The Sippy Cups

Music Video for The Sippy Cups. The Day After Halloween is a dose of autumnal melancholy for kids of all ages. Halloween is a wistful tale of a little boy who can't bear to take off his Halloween costume after the holiday is over. The song by The Sippy Cups is featured on their EP One Day Soon, which includes five tracks from everyone's favorite psychedelic rock band for kids.

The film was interesting to make. The band hired me in the middle of September to make a video that needed to be released by the middle of October. I had to work fast. The film was shot guerilla style, primarily with a crew of one (me) and a cast of one (my son) doing all the heavy lifting. It was a whirlwind production and post-production process, but lots of fun.

If you like this, I produced and directed a 14 episode podcast series with the band which can be viewed at

Credits: Written, Directed, Shot, Edited by Danny Plotnick. Starring Henry Plotnick. Music by the Sippy Cups.