Dream Syndicate: That's What You Always Say

1986/2008, 24p, 5 minutes

Back in 1986, Dana Mendelssohn and I shot a film of the might Dream Syndicate performing their classic song That's What You Always Say. Due to the technology of the time, we were never able to properly sync up the film. I recently incorporated a bit of the footage in my Out of Print film. That gave me the impetus to try to finish the film. I hunkered down in front of my computer and spent about 10 hours editing it all together. It's a blistering version of the song, with strings shredding all over the place. This may have been the first music performance I ever shot. It's rough around the edges but captures the times better than most of the video and cable access shoots that were used to document the scene at the time. It's from the pit in glorious and grainy black & white super 8.

Credits: Shot by Danny Plotnick & Dana Mendelssohn, 1986. Edited by Danny Plotnick, 2008