JCC Maccabi Games

2009, 24p, Version Two--10 minutes: Maccabi Athlete

(122 mb streaming)

The JCC Maccabi Games are an international sporting event for Jewish Teens. The event is held in a different locale every year. In 2009, I was hired to produce and direct two videos for the games’ participants and delegation heads. The purpose of the videos was to let participants know what to expect in San Francisco and how to behave once they arrived. Also, a lot of rules of conduct needed to be imparted. Traditionally, the videos produced for these events have been horribly dry, boring and ugly. The folks who hired me wanted something fun and engaging that the teens would really enjoy. It was a fun challenge and I think we delivered in a big way.

Credits: Directed, Edited by Danny Plotnick. Cinematography by Jim Granato. Starring Ray Wilcox.