Pillow Talk

1991, super 8, 18:00 minutes

Sorry to say that Pillow Talk does not exist on-line. If you want to check it out, it is available on the Warts and All dvd, available from Amazon.

Extreme manipulation of filmic time and space combined with an impressionistic lighting scheme help create an urban spaces nightmare. They're fighting downstairs, they're fucking next door, they're stealing your clothes in the laundry room, and you're no better than the rest. Loquacious & lugubrious. Sorta like Jeanne Dielman meets Laverne and Shirley. I personally love this film, but it pushes a lot of folks over the edge. Strangely, or perhaps not, this was the film selected to screen as part of the Museum of Modern Arts' Big As Life super 8 retrospective.

A Film by: Laura Rosow & Danny Plotnick.

Starring: Yoli Acevas, Chris Enright, Claudia Gastaud, Alison Faith Levy, Laura Rosow & Ray Wilcox. Music by Ray Wilcox.