Skate Witches

1986, super 8, 2 minutes

A gang of female Skate Boarders and their pet rats terrorize all the boy skate boarders in town. Shot in an afternoon on glorious Kodachrome. The sound was recorded through my Chinon projector. When you engaged the record button, there was an ungodly crackling that recorded onto the film. I figured out how to circumvent that problem on subsequent films. I should have cleaned it up on the dvd, but that wouldn't have been authentic. You can also see an ugly pulsing at the head of each shot which was the result of the lag time in the auto exposure setting a proper exposure. I eventually figured out how to circumvent that problem as well. Available on the Warts & All dvd compilation with audio commentary.

Starring: Karen Kibler, Dana Mendellsohn, Jenny Parker, Billy Rivkin, Jon Solomon.