Swingers' Serenade

1999, 16mm, 24 minutes

A tawdry tale of suburban sexual malaise plus a lesson in arcane film history rolled into one sin-tillating package!

In the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, when home movie making was at its peak, this nation's newsstands were filled with amateur movie making magazines. The majority of the articles contained therein focused on the technical concerns of filmmaking. Some magazines, however, would actually provide their subscribers with scripts to shoot-scripts on which these would-be cineastes could hone their filmic chops. In and of itself, there was nothing unseemly about such a service. But upon closer inspection, some of these scripts were, to say the least, rather randy.

One such script, entitled Swingers' Serenade, was published in the July/August 1960 issue of Better Movie Making. The script seems quite ahead of its time, replete with lurid sexual dynamics, hints of loose sexual mores, swinging couples, lecherous Fuller Brush salesmen, voyeuristic suburbanites and more.

The film you're about to see, Swingers' Serenade, offers up both a history of the amateur movie magazine world and a rendering of the original script of Swingers' Serenade, shot, to the best of our knowledge, as the publishers of the July/August 1960 issue of Better Movie Making had intended.

Starring: Chris Enright, Jay Hinman, Alison Faith Levy & Miles Montalbano. Music by the Snugglers.

Awards: Alexander Payne Award Humboldt Film Festival. Best Props & Music Ed Wood Memorial Film Fest. 2nd Prize Athens International Film Festival. Recipient Chicago Underground Film Fund Grant. Judges Commendation Microcine Festival. Screened on the Independent Film Channel.