Alison Faith Levy: World of Wonder

2012, 4:00

I'm really excited about this brand new video for Alison Faith Levy's beautiful new kid's record World of Wonder. It's funny how creative projects come about. Recently, I came into posession of a library of images taken with a super electron microscope. I also have been teaching an experimental film class. It occurred to me that the images from the microscope could be woven into an awesome experimental film. With no end game in sight, I started messing around with some of those images in After Effects. I had been listening to Alison's new record a lot and then it struck me. World of Wonder is all about looking into the heart of the natrual world. Likewise, the electron microscope looks deep into the natural world. And just like that, I knew what I was doing. I was making a music video for World of Wonder. Three weeks later the video was done. Only one image (the frame) remains from the electron microscope, but that's where the inspiration started.