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Danny Plotnick is an underground filmmaker whose films straddle the line between highbrow and lowbrow art. Fiercely independent, he is best known for working in Super 8 and producing cult films and videos with a punk rock attitude and a subterranean snarl.

Coming Soon! Super 8: An Illustrated History

In October of 2019, Plotnick will publish a book about the history of Super 8, entitled Super 8: An Illustrated History.

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Plotnick’s films have shown internationally at festivals, in museums, in mortuaries, and on television. Here’s a short doc made by Colin Russell & Alec Rodriques about Plotnick’s connection to the world of Super 8.

And here’s a little taste of Plotnick’s film work.

“Danny's films fall into the fringes of American cinema, huddled up closely with other low-budget indies from John Waters, George Kuchar, and Richard Linklater. Like those filmmakers, he blends low and highbrow ideas into something entirely familiar and utterly unique. A champion of the DIY aesthetic and punk ethos, his films aim capture the same energy inherent in those styles. He's the man.”Vice