Personal Films

  • Out of Print, 2008, DV

  • Loud Family Live 2000, 2003, DV

  • Tour Tips: Lesson #14, 2001, DV

  • Swingers’ Serenade, 1999, 16mm

  • I, Socky, 1998, Super 8

  • I’m Not Fascinating—The Movie!, 1996, Super 8

  • PIPSQUEAK PfOLLIES, 1994, Super 8

  • Pillow Talk, 1991, Super 8

  • Flip About Flip, 1990, Super 8

  • Dumkoff, 1990, Super 8

  • Death Sled II: Steel Belted Romeos, 1990, Super 8

  • The 3 Kennedys of Ypsilanti, 1988, Super 8

  • Drunk #9 Dramamine #5, 1988, Super 8

  • Dumbass From Dundas, 1988, Super 8

  • Sugarbutts, 1987, Super 8

  • Skate Witches, 1986, Super 8

  • Fat City Death Sled, 1986, Super 8

Music Videos

  • Candace Roberts - Take Back Your Beaver, 2015

  • Candace Roberts - Not My City Anymore, 2014

  • Alison Faith Levy - World of Wonder, 2012

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller - Time For Leaving, 2010

  • The Sippy Cups Podcast Series, 2008

  • The Sippy Cups - The Day After Halloween, 2008

  • The Dream Syndicate - That’s What You Always Say, 1986/2008

  • Chuck Prophet - Would You Love Me?, 2007

  • Chuck Prophet - Freckle, 2007

Awards and Screenings

The Day After Halloween: Nominated for Best Music Video, Hollywood Music In Media Awards (2009).

Out Of Print: Top Filmmaker Prize Underground Filmmaker Festival (2008), On-Line Audience Award Winner, MetaFest Short Film Festival (2008), Honorable Mention Short Documentary Category Athens International Film Fest (2008). 2009 Screenings: Ann Arbor Film Festival, Anti-Matter Film Festival, Boston Underground Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Maryland Film Festival, Muddy River Film Festival, Revelation Film Fest, Rotterdam VHS Film Fest, Version Fest, 2008 Screenings: San Francisco International Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, CineVegas Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Super Shorts Film Festival (London), Athens International Film Fest, Zeitgeist Film Fest (SF), Underground Filmmaker Festival (SF).

Loud Live 2000: Released by 125 records.

Tour Tips: 2002 Screenings: REVelation Film Fest (Australia), Athens International Film Fest, PDX Film Festival. 2001 European Tour (10 cities in Holland, Germany, Belgium), Chicago Underground Film Fest, 20,000 Leagues Under The Industry Fest (Clev.), Anti-Matter Film Fest (Victoria), Euro Underground (Slovenia), Film Arts Festival (S.F.), MicroCineFest (Baltimore), Other Cinema (SF), Digital Underground Film Fest (SF), Brainwash Film Fest (SF), Golden Shower Fest (San Antonio), Zeitgeist Film Fest (SF).

Swingers' Serenade: Aired on Independent Film Channel 2001-2004. Recipient Alexander Payne Award @ 2000 Humboldt International Film Fest, 2nd Place (Narrative Category) @ 2000 Athens Internat'l Film Fest, 1999 Chicago Underground Film Fund Grant, Judges Commendation @ 1999 MicroCine Festival (Baltimore), Best Music & Best Props @ 1999 Ed Wood Memorial Film Fest. 2000 Screenings: Ann Arbor Film Fest, BBC Short Film Fest, Swiss Underground, ExGround Film Fest (Wiesbaden), One Reel Fest (Seattle), Seattle Underground Film Fest, AntiMatter Film Fest (Victoria), REVelation Independent Film Festival (Australia), New York Underground Film Fest, TromaDance (Park City), Brighton Cinemateque (England), Flicker Fest (Frankfurt), Incredibly Strange Film Fest (New Zealand), Anthology Film Archive (NYC), Boston Underground Film Fest, Cucalorus Film Fest (Wilmington, NC), Hi Mom Fest (Chapel Hill), East Lansing Fest, NoisePop Film Fest (SF), Golden Shower Film Fest (San Antonio), Nowhere X Nowhere Fest (Chico), Sick Puppy Film Fest (San Rafael). 1999 Screenings: Independent Feature Film Market (NYC), Mill Valley Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Fest, Film Arts Festival (SF), Manchester Internat'l Fest, Euro Underground Film Fest (Krakow, Toronto), Freaky Film Fest (Champaign-Urbana), Vera (Groningen, Holland), Flicker (L.A.), Agniel Gallery (Providence), Artists' Television Access (SF), Pagent Theater (Chico). 

I, Socky: Grand Prize @ 1999 Brainwash Movie Fest (SF), Honorable Mention @ 1999 US Super 8 Film Fest (Rutgers). 2000 Screenings: REVelation Independent Film Fest (Australia), Incredibly Strange Film Fest (New Zealand), Boston Underground Film Fest. 1999 Screenings: Splice This! Film Fest (Toronto), Athens Film Fest, Chicago Underground Film Fest, Seattle Underground Film Fest, Golden Shower Film Fest (San Antonio), Freaky Film Fest (Champaign-Urbana), MicroCine Fest (Baltimore), Independent Exposure (Seattle), Peripheral Produce (Portland), Blinding Light Cinema (Vancouver), Blue Room (Chico). 1998 Screenings: Film Arts Foundation's "Wild Kingdom" show (SF), Other Cinema (SF). 

I'm Not Fascinating: 1999: Boston Underground Film Fest. 1997: Mid-Atlantic Skate & Sound Fest (North Carolina). 1996: Film Arts Festival (SF), Chicago Underground Film Fest, Festival On The Lake (Oakland), Yerba Buena Center For the Arts (SF), 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle), Clinton St. Theater (Portland), Edison Electric (Vancouver BC), Artist Television Access (SF), Image (Atlanta), The Casbah (SD), The Jabberjaw, The Viper Room & Midnight Special (LA), The Khyber Pass (Phil.), The Mansion Theater (Balt.), Limbo & The Knitting Factory (NYC), The Test Strip (Auckland, NZ), High Street Project (Christchurch, NZ).

Pipsqueak Pfollies: Banana Slug Award for Surrealism @ 1995 Humboldt International Film Fest. 3rd Prize (Student Category) @ 1995 Marin County National Short Film Festival. 1997: Atlanta Arts Festival. 1996: Slamdance Film Fest, Olympia Film Fest, Rough & Ruined Fest (Vancouver). 1995: Circle of Confusion Film Fest (Berlin), Athens International Film Fest, NY Underground Film Fest, Metropolitan Film Festival (Detroit). 1994: Chicago Underground Film Festival, 911 Media Arts Center (Seattle), Olympia Film Society, Clinton Street Theater (Portland), Western Washington University (Bellingham), John Henry's (Eugene), Red Victorian Theater (SF), Eye Gallery (SF), Art Explosion Gallery (SF), San Francisco State University, Psychoanalytic Institute (Minneapolis).

Pillow Talk: 2000: Big As Life series, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Global Super 8 Day Screening (Portland). 1999: Boston Underground Fest. 1998: 3001 Kino (Hamburg). 1997: Freaky Film Fest (Champaign-Urbana ). 1993: Onion City Film Fest. 1992: Athens Internat'l Film Fest. 1991: Montreal Fest du Jeaune Cinema. 1991: Film Arts Fest (SF). 1990: Recipient Film Arts Production Grant. 

Flip About Flip: 2000: Global Super 8 Day Screening (Seattle). 1999: Yerba Buena Center For the Arts (SF), Boston Underground Film Fest. 1996: Super Super 8 Fest (San Diego). 1991: Film Arts Festival (SF).

Death Sled II: Steel Belted Romeos: Best Experimental Film @ 1990 Ann Arbor Super 8+ Film Festival. Honorable Mention @ 1992 USA Super 8 Film Festival (Rutgers). 2000: Global Super 8 Day Screening (Portland). 1999: Boston Underground Film Festival. 1997: Hawaii Underground Film Festival, Cinematexas Short Film Festival, Champaign-Urbana Freaky Film Festival, Mid Atlantic Skate & Sound Fest. 1996: Old & New Masters of Super 8 program (NYC), Rough & Ruined Festival (Vancouver), Anti-Film Festival (Miami). 1995: Circle of Confusion Film Fest (Berlin), NY Underground Film Festival. 1991: Athens International Film Fest. 1990: Film Arts Festival (SF).

Dumbass From Dundas: Honorable Mention @ 1989 Ann Arbor Super 8+ Film Festival. 2000: Global Super 8 Day Screening (Switzerland). 1998: Splice This! Festival (Toronto). 1997: Australian REVelation Fest (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Wellington), Hawaii Underground Fest. 1996: Old & New Masters of Super 8 program (NYC, Germany, Austria, Italy), Rough & Ruined Festival (Vancouver). 1991: Humboldt International Film Festival. 1990: Athens International Film Festival. 1989: Film Arts Festival (SF).

Skate Witches: 2009: Aired on MTV's DJ & The Fro. 2001: Fatal Film Night (Berlin). 1997: Mid-Atlantic Skate & Sound Fest, SF Arts Commission exhibition "SwitchStance". 1989: Film Arts Festival.

Fat City Death Sled: 1999: Splice This! Festival. 1997: Pacific Film Archive's "The Automobile and American Cinema: " (Berkeley). 

Retrospective of work screened: 2009: Revelation Film Fest (Australia). 2001: Humboldt International Fest, European Tour (Bruxelles, Rotterdam, Nijmegen, Gronigen, Enschede, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Weisbaden). 2000: Maryland Film Fest, Zeitgeist (New Orleans). 1999: 'Zeum Museum (SF), Minneapolis College of Art & Design, American Underground Film Fest (Manchester, England). 1998: Göteborg Film Festival (Sweeden), tour of Holland (Eindhoven, Groningen, Nijmegen, Enschede, Den Haag, Rotterdam).1997: MicroCine Festival (Baltimore), Mini Cine (Shrevport).